In Loving Memory of our Father

Chi Him Chiu


teacher, author, philosopher, entrepreneur, financial wiz, father, husband, and loyal friend

(June 26, 1929 to April 9, 2020)

Chi Him Chiu, 90 years old, passed away on April 9, 2020, in Northampton, MA. He is survived by his children, Daniel Dee and Deborah Dee and their respective spouses, Angela Dee and Ian Brinkley, and his grandchildren, Amanda Dee and Anthony Dee.

He was born on June 26, 1929, in Kuching, Malaysia. Those who met and knew him recognized he was a special man. In him, many people found true friendship, wisdom, sincerity and loyalty.

His enthusiasm for life was remarkable, that even now in his absence, his presence can still be felt by his family and friends. He never tired of life and used every last second to its fullest spending every waking moment improving his mind, body and spirit. In his lifetime, he was teacher, author, philosopher, entrepreneur, financial wiz, father, husband, and loyal friend. In his writings, he found the legacy that brought meaning to his life. In his children, he found his hopes and dreams fulfilled.

He married Fe T. Dee, our beloved mother, truly a woman with a heart of gold, and welcomed 2 beautiful children, Daniel and Deborah Dee, whom he loved fiercely, and with unending toil worked to create a bright future for them.

In a life that spanned almost a century, he went through World War II, the Japanese wartime occupation, Martial Law in the Philippines and wrote of the local impact of these sweeping historical events as seen through his eyes. Stories that made dinner time with family so lively -- stories such as finally meeting his youngest brother in Singapore after being separated from birth for 60 years due to WWII!

As a writer, he wrote many of his books in his golden years and has at least fifteen books that we like to think in some way touched the lives of those who bought and read them. He was well-traveled and moved more than twenty times from Asia to the Americas. He loved politics, history and problem-solving and was an avid reader reading volumes of Eastern and Western literary and philosophical works. More recently, he read through works by Plato, Rousseau, Montaigne within a couple of months! The breadth and depth of his knowledge on these topics often amazed those who met and knew him. On the home front, he loved gardening and pets and they thrived under his care. He was also an excellent cook and loved cooking for family. Every meal would have at least four tasty dishes. He was a math wiz and enjoyed economics and helped his children make smart financial decisions. He was the beloved teacher of his students who kept in touch with him through the years and now miss him. Most of all, he was our beloved father, who taught us so many valuable life lessons, chief of which are honesty and fortitude.

How seemingly simple yet so precious those moments with our father are, if only there could be more. Rest in peace, Pa and Grandpa, you are in our hearts forever.

Memorial service will be announced shortly.


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Hui chin Ho

敬愛的趙爸爸 與您相識及相處的時光是充滿驚奇崇拜及珍貴的,您是個令人敬重的智者,我會永遠記得您。💐💐💐 姐夫及姑姑,您們有世上最棒的爸爸,真的很幸運。💖💖希望您們節哀,也將未來日子過得充實美滿,以慰他在天之靈。
Deborah Dee

My everdearest Pa, I will miss you forever. I will miss our daily evening calls at 10pm, our Chinatown dimsum and grocery trips every Saturday at 1pm, our usual Sunday outings at 3:30p, our Physical Therapy sessions every Friday at 1pm then Thai food at Bangkok 2 and our Tuesday walks. We loved watching "Love It or List It" and "Property Brothers" and wished they could renovate our apartment. There was Hane Sushi which we used to go to every week until I got food poisoning, the pet store on 1st ave and Petco, we often said how lucky we were that we live near a Filipino restaurant, Grill 21, and you loved their bihon! At some point, we went to St Mark's almost every week but then we got tired of it. Then we disovered all these Malaysian restaurants and finally, we found your favorite Hainanese Chicken dish done right! Every time I pass by Trader Joe's or Fairway, I will remember you and remember that Hyacinth plant in the cute vase at Trader Joe's that you liked so much. We had our day trips and overseas trips. We had so many funny encounters along the way. Sometimes these memories are so strong, I feel you are still here. I will never forget them and you will always live in my heart. I love you, Pa.
Ian Brinkley

Thank you for all the memorable outings which you, Deborah and I were able to enjoy together. I would always look forward to the end of the week when the three of us would make our way to Chinatown to have a nice meal, shop for groceries, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as we strolled around. You would often make funny jokes or remarks about the things we would encounter there, which, (once Deborah translated them), would make me laugh. And thank you, of course, for raising Deborah to be the caring person whom I love so dearly.
Averil Chao

敬愛的大伯父: 彷彿还在昨天, 我们在电话中天南地北地高谈阔论;您那轻松、不急不躁的语调仍萦绕在耳边。有时, 晚上电话鈴声响起时, 我们仍会第一时间不約而同地想起您。 您在这大疫情下离去, 亲人都无法給您送行及见上最后一面, 只能通过电话传声, 让您在孤独中离去, 难免有些遗憾, 就让您最美好的状态留在我們的记忆中。我们会永远记得您那含蓄、朴实不华、高尚的情操, 饱读四书五经、中英精通然而却极为低调, 一点也不浮誇的性情。您的生活也平实简朴, 不奢华, 是名符其实学者的风笵。感恩有幸成为您的侄女, 甚感荣幸。 愿您在天国享永福, 与您父母、弟妹们、愛妻及老友们团聚吧!🌹🌹🌹 Dearest Uncle, Until we meet again, may the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand... 🙏🙏🙏
Xuelan Zhao

亲爱的大伯,这些年来,每当电话铃响起,我就知道那一定是您。您喜欢跟我们分享生活的点点滴滴,快乐和悲伤,期待和失落,病痛和压力,在您轻松描述中变得微不足道。 您对世界保持如此的好奇心,常年笔耕不辍,坚持翻译和写作。您对周遭人事的宽容和大度,都让我惊叹不已。我作为一个后辈,能够得到您的关怀和照顾,这一份温暖会永远铭记于心。 满心期待为您庆祝90岁后的每一个生日,没想到新冠疫情让这个愿望戛然而止,最让人无法忍受的是您独自一人在医院里面与病魔作战,忍受折磨,远在千里之外的我们却无能为力。 安息吧,我的亲人。我们永远不会忘记。 I will always remember the warmth you brought to the family.
Soo Mei Kong

敬爱的大伯, 您在我心目中是一位温文儒雅,和蔼可亲的长者。虽然您长期居住在美国,但您不时的来电问候与关怀,总让我们感觉温暖。 对于您的离去,深深感到不舍,但也很无奈。但愿您在天国守护着您爱的子女与家人。我们会怀念您的。
Barbara Alfred

I am deeply saddened by your passing. I have such fond memories of your gentle smile and your quiet shy voice. And let’s not forget those awesome dishes you made. You are terribly missed and no need to worry about Deb. She is ok and I will always look out for her. I think you already know that though because you were always ok when we were out together. Your gentle soul will remain in our hearts forever. May God bless your soul.